Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hand Knit Scarf

Hello Everyone :)

Today's post is a little different than my usual ones as I have not created anything with paper (WHAT!).  I have a craft fair that I will be in this Saturday and I have been knitting up a storm getting ready for it!  I am not as prepared for it as I should be as this was a last minute decision.  If I do well maybe I will get my act together (yea right) and be more prepared next time.  So here is a picture of the scarf.

For you that live in the USA can you guess which football team is my favorite?  I also have them in the following colors Blue & Orange, Black & Gold, Red & Gold, Green & Gold, Red & Blue, Blue & Silver, Purple & Gold and Navy & Gold.  If you are interested I sell them for $20.00 (not including shipping).  Leave me a comment if your are interested in one or if you just want to say Hi  :)  I LOVE COMMENTS it lets me know that you girls like what you see on my blog :)
Well anyway that is what I've been doing!  I have another canvas planned so be looking for it soon (I hope LOL).  I hope to make a picture tutorial for you :) as I put it together. 
Ta Ta for now my lovelies!!!

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