Friday, April 20, 2012

My Etsy Store and Cards

Hi Friends,

I am so happy!  The one girl who ordered the chandeliers wants to order some Nursery Rhymes silhouettes!!!  I also received a message from another customer who would like ring around the rosy silhouette and YEA I finally have some feedback from one of my sales and it was 100% positive!  Here is the link to my Etsy store if your interested.  I have over 40 Cricut cartridges so if your looking for something for your scrapbook, bulletin board or cards I more than likely have it.

As for the wedding album I was going to post some pictures but I forgot to take them!  DUH!!!  Here are two birthday cards I made for my sisters and a retirement and just because card.  The just because card is going on my Etsy store.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you have a fabulous day!!


Oh I forgot.  The two ladies who ordered my scrapbook mini albums posted in an earlier post said they will definetly be ordering more!  I'm almost done another one and will post the pictures and this time I won't forget to take pictures because it's going on my Etsy store!

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